Along using its business partner.

Sanofi and partner seek European Medicines Agency review for sleep sickness product PARIS – France health care group Sanofi, along using its business partner, offers asked the Western Medicines Company to examine the fexinidazole item for the treating sleeping sickness, the business said on Wed. FILE Picture: A logo design is seen before the entrance in the head office French drugmaker Sanofi in Paris Oct 30, 2014. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann/Document Photo Fexinidazole has been developed in cooperation with the Medicines for Neglected Disease effort , a not-for-profit analysis organization .

Overgaauw and co-workers examined the 35 iced items most well-liked by family pet owners in the united states. They looked for just two strains of E. They found the first strain of E. Coli in eight items, antibiotic-resistant E. Coli in 28 items, one stress of Listeria in 19 items, extra strains of Listeria in 15 items and Salmonella in seven items. Parasites were within 10 products. In contrast, dried out, semi-moist and canned pet foods contain pathogens, the analysis authors wrote in the journal Veterinary Record. Oskar Nilsson from the Country wide Veterinary Institute of Sweden in Uppsala.