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[9 Uncommon Circumstances That Being pregnant May Bring] It isn’t exactly crystal clear why bloodstream from feminine donors who’ve been pregnant is associated with an increased threat of loss of life among man recipients. Nevertheless, the experts speculated that adjustments that occur within a woman’s disease fighting capability during being pregnant could are likely involved. Prior studies suggested that men who receive blood transfusions from women are in higher threat of death than men who receive transfusions from male donors.Dark or Asian individuals tended to include more salt with their meals than Hispanics. Also, people who have lower degrees of education tended to take even more sodium than people that have higher levels. For all combined groups, sodium added through the production procedure was the leading source in the dietary plan. Another 14 % occurred in meals normally. About 6 % of sodium originated from what folks added during meal preparation, and 5 % originated from what they added while these were eating. Significantly less than 1 % of sodium originated from health supplements and drinking water resources. Harnack said the outcomes present most sodium is via items bought to get – like poker chips – or foods want hamburgers ordered in restaurants. The total results have implications for patients, policy and doctors, Dr.