The Leap Frogs

Goals and Objectives
Writing and Language:
Worksheets with assorted shapes and letters are used to formulate directional writing in forming letters and numbers.  Story boards, flannel board stories, puppets, sharing time, and independent play time build on receptive and expressive language skills.

Attaching the written word to children’s drawings using their own verbal description shows children how letters are used to form words and sentences, and also acknowledges the importance of what they have to say.

Tracing, cutting and gluing assorted materials are used to help strengthen fine muscles used for writing.

Attention Span and Focusing: 
The ability to stay “on task” with an activity for a longer period of time is an important skill needed for Kindergarten readiness.  This is rehearsed through activities including a “start-to-finish” project which requires listening to directions and following directions to completion.

Block play, sorting shapes/colors, counting, matching games, measuring, weighing objects with a balancing scale, and use of graphs are included as an introduction to early math.

The use of sand and water tables for sensory activities, magnet games, life cycle of insects, and growing plants from seeds are ways of making science fun.

This age group is now ready to work into small groups of 2 or more.  Tattle tailing, taking charge, making up games, saying “I’m not your friend (today)”, etc., are part of this developmental period. GET READY!

Emphasis continues on activities previously introduced from    Room 1 and Room 2, but at a quicker pace.

This class is designed for children who have turned 3 years 6 months before the start date.  Students enroll in the 3 or 5-day program in preparation for pre-kindergarten readiness experiences.